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on this page you will find tutorials on modelling in cinema from low poly modelling a velociraptor skull to modelling a simple wheel rim and tyre.

over time there will also be tips and tricks on using photoshop and lots more including java scripts and web design guides
if you are stuck and dont find what you are looking for on this page why not email me and ill see if i can help

if i cant help i may know of a site or download that can


 velociraptor tutorial      
click here to download the tutorial for modelling a velociraptor skull in cinema 4d.

the method used is polygon modelling, this tutorial will introduce you to poly modelling in cinema and can be used to model anything

coming soon.

i am currently writing a tutorial to show how i modelled the above wheels.

the rims where done using poly modelling 1 5th of the rim the duplicating and joinging together.

the tyre started off as a segmented tube primitive i then moved a few points to add the detail then duplicated
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