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 Videos of me flying my raptor 30 and zoom 400    
September 2003 i went to the rc hotel in corfu, greece.
i had never flown an rc helicopter or plane but had always had an interest.
After one week of roughly 2 hours tuition a day i managed to hover a raptor 30 and 50
training was done using a buddy box system, two transmitters linked together. initially i only had control of one stick (directional) controls) then i progressed to both.
belive me this is not an easy task and takes lots of practice.
when i got back from corfu i bought a simulator

and spent countless hours just trying to keep the heli in one place.
it is at this point that i flew my real heli in the first 3 videos below
i am now able to do flips loops hover and fly forwards and backwards both inverted and right side up.
more videos coming soon

 flying in calday 1   flying in calday 2   flying in calday 3   flying zoom 400

to download either of the 4 videos on the left right click
the links below and choose save target as.

flying in calday 1
flying in calday 1
flying in calday 1
flying zoom 400

all files are about 1.4mb each and are in wmv format
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