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 raptor 30 rc helicopter   rigged using xpresso for animation  
 above are 4 images taken from an animation

 showing how the xpresso sliders work

the raptor 30 model was started just over 2 years ago when i got into flying rc helicopters.

due to lack of funds it took me a while to save for a real heli so i downloaded the manual and started modelling every part. by the time i had bought a real one i understood how to build and rebuild the heli.

 raptor frames   chrome rotorhead  photomontages    
this model took around 60 hours in total to model but this was over 2 years.

using xpresso to rig the separate components it is possible to animate the model just by adjusting sliders in cinema.

there are 6 sliders 4 controlling the servos 1 the rotor rotation and another to fold the blades back.

animations coming soon.
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