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computer generated imagery (cgi)

animated graphics produced by computer and used in film or television.

2d cgi was first used in movies in 1973's westworld, though the first use of 3d imagery was in its sequel futureworld 1976, which
featured a computer generated hand and face created by then university of utah graduate students edwin catmull and fred park. the first two films to make heavy investments in cgi, tron 1982 and the last starfighter 1984, were commercial failures, causing most directors to relegate cgi to images that were supposed to look like they were created by a computer.

the first real cgi character was created by pixar for the film young sherlock homes in 1985 (not counting the simple polyhedron character bit in tron). it took the form of a knight composed of elements from a stained glass window. photorealistic did not win over the motion picture industry untill 1989, when the abyss won the academy award for visual effects. ilm produced photorealistic cgi effects including a seawater creature for the film.

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