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i first got into doing art on computer aged 11 when i started high school. i had always been interested in art and when i saw what you could do with a computer i just had to learn.

the first program i used was a 2d animation program, autodesk animator version 1 for dos. i now work in 3d.
 name - Darren Mallard
 Gender - male

 d.o.b 07 / 06 / 1976
 place of birth - lincoln england uk
 height 5"6
 eyes - green
j ob title - 3d visualist
 where i live - Wirral UK
what are my hobbies

where do i work

favourite band

favourite films
3d modelling, flying rc helicopters & listening to music.

i work for a company called infinite3d


jurassic park 1,2 +3
me aged 12 on a trip to pickenham with the youth club canoeing on the local marine lake summer 2002
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