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i have been modelling for about 8 years now, my early models were obviously nothing special but everyone has to start somewhere.

when i first started i new of no one else that did 3d so i had to teach myself everything. this was a slow and painful process.
the 4 models below are my latest creations.

the list on the right contains some of my older work. there are some really old models from when i was learning so the quality and content is far from amazing.

 3d lego figures   velociraptor skeleton  rc raptor 30  wheels  click list below to change image above
lego figures created for a 3d competition over at
velociraptor skeleton modelled in cinema 4d and rigged using IK
rc raptor 30 highly detailed and set up for anim using xpresso
everybody who does 3d modelling has to have a wheel model

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