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 3d masters 2005    
  3d masters is the most prestigous heli competition in the world and it is held in the grounds of horthampton university uk.

2005 had some of the top pilots in the business competing including alan and danny szabo, curtis youngblood, jason krauss and todd bennet.

2005 was my first visit to the masters and what an amazing weekend it was.

from the outstanding flying, demos, spectacular crashes and turnout to the atmosphere. definately a date to add to the calendar.

 winner duncan osbourne  night flight  synergy n9  synergy n9 video
above is a photo of the winner of 3d masters 2005 duncan osbourne

night flying, these blades had special leds that read 3d masters when spinning
  bottom left and above, the synergy n9 developed by jason krauss and todd bennett

the synergy n9 made its debut at this event developed by top pilots jason krauss and todd bennet.

click here to download the video

3D Masters

The ONLY competition where every possible test of a pilots ability is pushed to the extreme:-
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