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this site is my little world for showing off all my work and hobbies. you will also find links and information about things i am interested in from 3d modelling to dinosaurs, technology and computers.
download tutorials
on how to model in
cinema 4d.

pshop tips & tricks.

web design help
& javascripts.
 3d lego figures  cgi  rc helicopters  hardware  downloads
lego figures created for a 3d competition over at
all things cgi, from film to tv ads. how its done and whats new.
3d masters, my heli new moves, flight sims, canopy painting.
run windows on a mac. latest news. plus new hardware
download my lego mini fig
stormtrooper and many other
models in various formats inc
3ds c4d and dxf.

other files are available for
download including midi ring
tones, java games for your
mobile and blueprints.
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